ELECFREAKS Smart Cutebot Pro (行貨一年保養)



ELECFREAKS micro:bit 智慧型Cutebot Pro機器人小車套件是一款STEAM教育編程機器人, 配備4路紅外線巡線感測器、編碼器馬達、LED彩虹燈、超音波感測器等裝置。借助編碼器電機, Cutebot Pro 可以靈活地控制小車行駛的距離,並且能夠更精確地控制轉向角度。 ​​​​​​​Cutebot Pro還提供多種擴展接口,可以擴展額外的硬件,激發孩子的想像和創造力。 ELECFREAKS micro:bit Smart Cutebot Pro Robot Car Kit is a programmable robot for STEAM education, it's equiped with a 4-way infrared line-following sensor, encoder motors, a rainbow LED light, an ultrasonic distance sensor, and more. With the new encoder motors, Cutebot Pro provides the flexibility to control the distance the robot travels and enables more precise control of the turning angle. Cutebot Pro also offers a variety of expansion interfaces to allow for additional hardware to stimulate children's imagination and creativity. Highlights Closed-loop motor for more precise driving Cutebot Pro comes with closed-loop motors. In comparison to the standard motors on the regular Cutebot, closed-loop motors have sensors that provide feedback to regulate the input. This way you can position and turn more precisely than with a standard DC motor. 4 line-tracking sensors to identify more complex lines Cutebot Pro is upgraded to 4 line-tracking sensors, which can identify more complex intersections such as crossroads or T-junctions. 4 line-tracking sensor data can be fused into one line of analog data to realize PID line inspection. At the same time, it can also combine many sensors and building blocks to realize more application scenarios. More versatile with a lithium battery The newly upgraded Cutebot Pro no longer needs a lithium battery expansion pack. It works with a single 18650 a lithium battery which can be charged directly from the robot. Can be expanded with more sensors and structural parts Cutebot Pro adds an additional motor expansion interface, and more holes for structural parts to add an arm, for example.

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ELECFREAKS micro:bit 智慧型Cutebot Pro機器人小車套件是一款STEAM教育編程機器人,配備4路紅外線巡線感測器、編碼器馬達、LED彩虹燈、超音波感測器等裝置。借助編碼器電機,Cutebot Pro 可以靈活地控制小車行駛的距離,並且能夠更精確地控制轉向角度。Cutebot Pro還提供多種擴展接口,可以擴展額外的硬件,激發孩子的想像和創造力。



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