Makedo Invent STEM Cardboard Construction Kit 紙皮建築課室套裝 扣紙板建築發明組



SEngaging screen-free learning is overflowing from this toolbox. Suitable for classrooms, libraries, workshops, birthday parties, maker spaces, design studios and delightfully ambitious home projects (like the biggest cardboard fort... ever), this large kit will ignite the creative genius in all who use it. The Makedo experience celebrates the process of wondering, imagining, creating, discovering, experimenting, failing, thinking and solving, all under the guise of play. Oh where was this kit when I was a kid?!? 14 x SAFE-SAW 7 x FOLD-ROLLER 7x SCRU-DRIVER 240 x SCRU 80 x SCRU+ 12 x MINI-TOOL