Wonder Workshop Puzzlets for Dash 實體編程板



Children as young as age 4 can start learning foundational STEM concepts by programming Wonder Workshop’s Dash robot using a Puzzlets accessory from Digital Dream Labs. Puzzlets are icon-based, physical tiles that children can manipulate with their hands. Digital Dream Labs created this custom version of Puzzlets to make Dash move, light up, and make sounds. The Play Tray connects wirelessly to Dash, allowing kids to go screen-free while programming their robot friend. No mobile device needed! In the box: - 22 Puzzlets for Dash - Bluetooth Play Tray - Storage pouch - 1 USB Cable - Quick Start Guide 透過使用Digital Dream Labs的Puzzlets配件 對Wonder Workshop的Dash機器人進行編程, 可以讓4歲以下的孩子開始學習基本的STEM概念。 拼圖是基於圖標的,實際的磚塊,孩子們可以用手來操縱。 Digital Dream Labs創建了這個自定義版本的Puzzlets,以使Dash移動,點亮並發出聲音。 遊戲托槃無線連接到Dash,使孩子們在為機器人朋友編程時可以不受屏幕干擾。 無需mobile設備! 內容物: ●22 Puzzlets for Dash ●Bluetooth Play Tray ●Storage pouch ●1 USB Cable ●Quick Start Guide

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